Well that didn’t go as planned

*Flops out on the floor*

Things never quite go the way they were meant to right? I was hoping to get back to this place and bite my teeth into things I’ve been missing out on but as anyone can really guess it doesn’t seem it will quite go that way. I was meant to be off since a few days back now but it seems I will be not be getting those weeks off, if I’m going to be honest that doesn’t feel well, suppose not too much can be done in this case however. One positive however that my hours will go down a bit so I will not tend work as much as I used to, but that is thinking positive which isn’t my strong side.

I can feel how this page will just turn into my little escape/write zone if things are going to keep me away from it even further so I really hope things will work itself out someway. Truth is really the more you think about something the more overwhelming it becomes, focus on something else and you forget what it is you feel. I believe this is something many people do to keep it simple or even protect themselves in the longer run.

The only thing I know that usually work well to calm down senses is just to lay down and go to sleep, deep slumbers can ease even the most unstable minds. Mhhhh, sleep.

Oh right, this place.

It has almost been two months since I last posted in here, not sure if it has been lazyness taking over and that I should be ashamed of myself, or it just being understandable with the new change of pace with life stuffz.

Work is rolling on I guess and comparing the current job with past ones I had, this sure is a lot better in so many ways so I do not wish to complain. I must say though I really do miss this place(the site, the forums, the channels and what not) and how I used to be able to put a lot if not all my attention into it. The everyday that goes by I start to feel like I am making no progress at all, neither like I’m growing anything like a person. This leaves a very sour taste since I’m not fully sure what to think about it or what that should be done. At the moment I just try not to let it get over my head and focus on the work I have. Sadly other things I usually tend for or try to diddle around with suffer from this since I do not feel the energy or creativity to do so, I suppose just these mere blog posts could be taken as an example for that.

As it stands right now(learned that time can change however), I got work into half of August and then it cools down to just one shift for the rest of that month. This is honestly great since I hope to be able to just get back to my old self a bit and bite into all these… things… that has been laying around screaming for my attention, continue where I left off so to say. Of course it’s not all flowers and sunshine however because after that, I do not know if I will get any more shifts or be able to continue working where I am right now, as we all know this world revolves around money and I would probably end up in yet a new sticky situation if things don’t go my way. What I hope for is that they’d want to keep me around and give me some extra shifts so I can get money to go around at least. Pretty much looking for a perfect middle ground, for both “worlds”. I guess it will become a take it day by day situation.

But to move on to some more fun things, after these months of work I have managed to sort out quite some things at home due to the extra cash coming in, mostly buying and fixing things I’ve needed for a long time. One thing particularly is the computer things and the furnishing around. Been trying to set up a little better work space in general. I have also finally migrated over to a newer OS and harddrives on the desktop, I just need to clean up some things on it and get back some editing software and material. The only real downside right now is that I don’t have a possibility to have as many monitors plugged in as I used to and this kills my “workflow” a bit whenever I just try to do things. I might actually end up spending some money on new/extra monitors and organize the workspace a bit more to get a better layout than the current one.

So things are moving on, and a little progress once in a while is being made on the den I live in, hopefully for the better. I still do not feel it being finished however and I’m sure changes can be made. I will try not to let this place collect dust and thanks to whoever that might be reading this.

Living on fumes

Been quite the derping going on lately and sadly this blog would be one of the places to suffer from it. Turns out someone diddled around with papers in the wrong manner and now my pay will arrive over a week late, quite the sticky situation when there’s bills that needs to be paid I’d say.

But hey, still alive for now so what can you do..

I do however have a new fancy keyboard which I’m getting used to, if anyone’s got track of that stuff it’s a corsair k70, very snazzy keyboard that makes typing a bliss. I hope to be able to put up a little review here on the blog regarding it, could be fun. Over all I’m just a little obsessed with gaming gear at times since my old keyboard was actually working “okay”, just got 3 years on it’s neck by now so I thought it was about time to move on.

From one thing to another though I’m about to get ready to renovate my flat a bit, change things around and make it a bit more roomy, one thing that I’d have to get was a bed sofa which turned out to be a challenge. Pfff, why you might ask? Let me just say my space is very limited. It had to be a certain size to fit in the flat, it had to be comfortable of course to sit a longer time in, it had to be extendable bed that two people could fit in, and it also had to be black/very dark colour. Quite hard to find such things without paying with one of your legs. Funny enough though, my friend called me up and found one at a second hand store where he lived that just came in. Now take note of that some of these things can be expensive(up to 150-500€) when they are new, but we ended up paying a total of 25€ for just what was needed. Always great with one success in “dark and moneyless” times like these, lulz.

Though due to the late pay and other things going on, the renovation at hand will probably be a slower process, but I have great faith in that when it’s done, and work calms down, productivity will become so much easier in the little den of mine.

Cannot wait.


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