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« on: November 02, 2013, 09:21:28 pm »
Want to join the Modorus?
Well you're certainly in the correct place. Please read the information below before taking any further steps or asking any further questions.

Modoru pride is a long term, semi realistic, semi literate lion roleplay aimed towards being a well known and respected pride. Before you can join however you must read the rules for joining below. Once that is done information on how to join will be explained. Don't like to read? Well that's a horrible excuse since you'll spend your time reading text for any roleplay or chat and you better find another roleplay if so.
People who do not read these rules will either be rejected or kicked if they cheat on the reading before joining the pride.

Rules To Follow

This pride is semi literate to literate
This pride is semi literate to literate, and even though it's accepted not to have flawless typing and writing skills we want the majority of the members to comprehend each other and be able to write more than just a short action to make things more interesting. In this case, semi literate really IS semi literate. It would also be appreciated if we could avoid overload of wolf speech since the majority of the words doesn't even resemblance what it's meant to mean, this is a lion pride as well. However if you are willing to improve and English doesn't lack too much you could still get a chance to join the family.

Be active
Just like any roleplay or pride activity plays a big part for things to work. Most importantly is the activity inside of the game itself however activity here on the forum doesn't hurt either though this is optional. Those who are serious will sign up and tune in on these boards along with joining the pride group inside of the game, give feedback and ideas around the roleplay. However you will NOT be forced to play everyday or constantly be on your character in the pride, it's your choice on how much you want to play part in this pride and contribute. But you will not be able to join one day and then go inactive for a month and expect to still be in the pride as I'm sure any level headed soul understand this. This pride is meant to be long term and just not some random pride that dies off after a day, the more active members remain with each other, the longer it lives on.

Character looks and appearance
With this pride being semi literate to literate, also comes what's accepted and what's not accepted when it comes to the characters that can join and take part in this semi realistic pride. Plain off the bat let's make it clear that this is a LION roleplay and a lion roleplay only, this means we cannot accept any other wild animals into the group. Your lion or lioness may have markings that stick out or slightly different looks in colours, but over all this should be semi realistic, this means no plain black or plain white lions here with colourful markings. When it comes to sizes every adult lion they should remain fairly close to each other in size, also please no overgrown males that is full in size on the sliders just to be the biggest and baddest, the similar size ranges goes for everyone and if your character sticks out in size smaller or bigger as an adult there should be a good reason of such. For realistic reasons however, males should generally be slightly bigger than females but this is nothing carved in stone for all.

User age & behavior
Since this forum is 13+ so is the whole roleplay, we wish for the majority of the members to also meet this requirement before considering joining the pride. Each and everyone inside of the pride with their character will also represent us all in the game and should keep this in mind at all times. We don't wish to see intentional drama started OOC, provoking of pride members or other players. Over all you should be very polite and accepting of one another. However it's understandable that not everyone get along at all times but instead of blowing things out of proportions try to keep things down to earth. If problems would arrive, please contact the guardians or leader and explain the matter. Drama llamas will be kicked sooner than you know it.

Character positions, life and relationships
At the current time there's no such titles as "King" or "Queen" but implementations and modifications of titles and ranks might take place in the future. However there will be a leader deciding the future of the pride that all members should follow at all times. You are allowed to have favorites rather than set mates within the roleplay for your character if you so seem fit, how long lasting this relation will be is up to each and everyone to decide themselves, if intimate roleplays is a part of these characters roleplay it should only take place in private chats or messages, no place else. NO cubs are allowed from outside the pride at all, the only way a cub could take place in the roleplay and pride would be if it was an offspring from two characters from already within the pride, they'd also remain their offspring throughout their time in the roleplay. You are allowed to have ONE character in the pride at once so you should choose one you're comfortable with.

Know the difference between IC & OOC
This is a keypart of the pride and get things to work well, if you don't know what it means you're suggested to read up on it and understand what it means before consider joining again. However, if you do know what this means then you also understand the importance of it. You as a member should not start fight and drama with other members or players unless it's clear you are in character otherwise we'll have bigger issues to sort out.

Listen to your leaders and guardians
The leaders and guardians should not be ignored in the pride, they will make sure everyone stick together and get along well. If you are asked to change something like behavior, characters look(if it breaks any basic rules), bio, etc, you are to do it. Guardians will be the leader's second in command and help keep things in order in the pride. Members are the heart of the pride.

Read and understand the pride guidelines
The information found and that can be read here on this forum must of course be understood by you as a pride member. After all, what's the point to have them here if some just do not follow or understand what has been said. Make sure you understand your leader(s) of the roleplay and if they tell you something it shouldn't be ignored. If you end up joining this roleplay and pride, keep in mind you join and accepted these rules under the conditions of the roleplay and the ones leading it.

If any of the rules above aren't followed you may be instantly removed or kicked from the pride if so seemed fit. We want things to work after all~

Becoming a Modoru Member

1. Get your character approved from within the game and judged as suiting for the pride by the leader.

2. Read all the rules for the pride here on this page and get back to the leader.

3. Wait for an invite to the group or inform the leader you've read and understood the rules.

If there's any questions regarding how to become a full member or just awaiting to be approved you're free to contact the leaders or guardians in the pride and let them know. Thanks!
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