Having Troubles getting the livestream to work? No worries, it should be easy to sort out.

Are you having issues seeing the video player and get a blank page?

Make sure you have your flash plugin up to date and installed. If you click the link below you should be able to check if it's up to date, but also letting you install a new potential version that might exist.

Check Flash version and download

The livestream is lagging or buffering for long times?

The first thing you could try plain off is to use the "LAYOUT 3" on the site. It's good if you just want to listen as you do other tasks on the compute since the smaller player is less demanding on your computer.

But the reason of the lag and slow buffering could also be that your connection towards the livestream server is not strong enough or that you do not have enough bandwidth to stream the video onto your computer. Something that you can try plain off is to reload the page by pressing f5 and see if works better. If it doesn't however it might be that you do not have enough bandwidth and in that case you might want to try to turn of other programs that might be using your internet connection a lot such as downloading programs and other streaming services. Possibly even check if you have other and computers and devices slowing your internet down.